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FAQ - Building & living

We are considering building an extension or building a new house, how does it work with building permits?
If you want to build an extension on to your current house or build a brand new house, a building permit is required. Building permits are required before you start construction.

You apply for building permits at Övertorneå municipality Environment and building website.


I’m thinking about moving to Övertorneå. Where can I find information about housing and a place to live?
In Övertorneå municipality there is a wide selection of housing both in central Övertorneå and in the villages. On the page about housing and vacant plots you can find more information about landlords and vacant plots. If you want to build a house, Övertorneå municipality offers free building sites for year-round housing for residents in the municipality. If you want to know more about Övertorneå municipality's range of schools, leisure activities and childcare, visit the Bo in Övertorneå page 

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