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Matarengivägen 15

Övertorneå information services

Övertorneå servicekontor is located at Matarengivägen 15. Opening hours are weekdays 10.00 to 14.00

Övertorneå information services (Övertorneå servicekontor) are working to increase the service and accessibility to those who contact the municipality or people in need of help or information about the various social functions that exist in our municipality. Social functions can for example be authorities, associations or companies. Övertorneå service office also serves as a service facility for tourists visiting the municipality, for example information about tourist attractions, accommodation and various events.

Opening hours are weekdays 10.00 to 14.00

When you first contact Övertorneå servicekontor, your questions will either be handled directly or contact will be communicated to the appropriate municipal authority.


Övertorneå servicekontor offers guidance and information about

  • The municipality's functions
  • Authorities e.g. health center, police or employment services
  • Service to new residents e.g. Where to look for a home or how to apply for a preschool
  • Local Tourist Information / Infopoint
  • Culture, leisure and entertainment
  • Study and course organizers and their offerings
  • Events and tickets
  • Local Reservations
  • Applications for different permits
  • Fishing and hunting cards


A stationary computer is available for public use at Övertorneå servicekontor.


Background to Övertorneå information services
The information services are run by the social enterprise project Matarengi Social Business on behalf of Övertorneå municipality. The background for the opening of an office in the municipality is a political motion to the city council. The motion states that societal development means that people themselves increasingly are to perform services using computer and telephone. Unfortunately, many people are unable to use this increasing degree of self-service due to lack of knowledge about computers, language difficulties and other everyday obstacles. The motion proposes that Övertorneå municipality should start a service office. The city council in 2016 has decided to approve the motion.

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