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Care and Social Services

If you need health care advice, you can call Sjukvårdsrådgivningen on 1177 at any time during the day. In case of emergency, you call the SOS Alarm on 112. All operators on 1177 and 112 speak both Swedish and English.

Health care
In case of a minor injury, cold or non life-threatening mental or physical condition, you should first of all contact a care centre (hälsocentral). At the care centre you can get medical help for non-acute symptoms.

The care centers are run by the County Council rather than the municipality.  The County Council is called Region Norrbotten and are responsible for hospitals, care centres and the national dental health service.The health centre is located in central Övertorneå, and dental care is available at Matarengivägen 8C.


Care for the elderly
The municipality's elderly care service is for elderly people who are in need of help. There is a home-help service if you require assistance with anything you need to keep on living in your own home. The home-help service can help you with cleaning, laundry, shopping, getting out of bed and washing. They can also make sure you get any medication you might need.

There are other kinds of support, for instance emergency medical alarms, daily activity centres, and meeting places where you can get together with other people and have some company, have coffee and participate in different activities.

 If you can't stay in your own home, you can apply for a place at a nursing home. Here there are members of staff working round the clock to care for the elderly and ill. There are also short-term homes where you can live for a shorter period of time.

On our website you’ll find contact details to the Elderly care (stöd och omsorg)


Support for people with disabilities
If you have a disability you can get help from the municipality. The Act regarding support and services for people with certain functional disabilities (Lagen om stöd och service till vissa funktionshindrade, LSS) states that the municipality shall help people with certain disabilities.

For instance, you can get a personal assistant or have help with housing, or employment and recreational activities. More information on support for people with disabilities and how to apply are available on our website.


Income support
If you have trouble making ends meet and supporting your family you can apply for income support. Income support comes with certain prerequisites, for example you have to actively apply for jobs. The municipality has various different resources to help you break into the job market. In these cases it's your social welfare secretary that helps you with your planning.


Alcohol and drug abuse
If you’re worried that someone in close proximity to you are abusing drugs or alcohol you can turn to the social services at Övertorneå municipality for advice and help.


Family, children and young people
Övertorneå municipality's social services offer a wide range of social functions aimed at ensuring that children and young people are growing up in a safe environment. We offer advice and support in various forms for families with emerging difficulties; we can provide assistance and treatment for children and young people who are at risk of falling into bad habits like drug or alcohol abuse.

People working in schools must contact the social services if they think a child is being mistreated. Social services can provide counselling, contact persons or families or different kinds of care and treatment.

We also offer relationship advice and support for couples. In case of a divorce we offer support in matters of custody and housing. Help from the social services is free of charge.

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