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FAQ - Kids & education

I have recently moved to Övertorneå and we are in need of childcare and school for my children. How do I proceed?
On our website you will find information about our preschools and how to apply for a preschool placement. In Övertorneå municipality there are two types of preschools, private and communal. If you desire to place your child in a private preschool you will find contact information on our website.

Information about primary schools located in Övertorneå municipality can also be found on the website. For more information about applying for relocation from another elementary school and the required forms, contact the school's principal.


Is there an open preschool in Övertorneå municipality?
Yes, and so much more! At the Family Center (Familjecentralen) you’ll find an open preschool for children of all ages. You don’t have to register for the open preschool and it’s free to visit and play. Family support and staff from the municipality's social administration, the county council's maternity center and child welfare center is also available at Familjecentralen. The center is a meeting place for the whole family. Familjecentralen offers courses for example in first aid for children, active parenting and adult relationships. Here you also get the well-known newborn baby kit (Babypaketet).


When does school start, and when are school breaks?
Elementary school and upper secondary school years are available on Övertorneå municipality's website. Time and schedules for school closing and graduations are announced separately.


Is there a culture or music school for kids and youth?
Yes, the municipal culture school offers makerspace, dance and music to elementary school students. Information about the Cultural School and how to register your child can be found on our website

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