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Life and Living

Övertorneå municipality is located in the middle of the beautiful Torne Valley. The northern part of the municipality is crossed by the Arctic Circle. Here you can experience the midnight sun in the summer and the magical Northern Lights in the winter.

Finding a place to live
In Sweden you can choose to rent your home. This is called right of tenancy and you don’t pay a deposit on your apartment; you only pay monthly rent to your landlord. Of course you can also buy a place to live.

Renting an apartment
If you’re looking to rent an apartment or other accommodation in Övertorneå, you can either contact private landlords to get information on available housing or rent from the public housing agency Matarengihem

Buying or building a home
If you want to build accommodation, for instance a house, you probably need to apply for a building permit. This means that you need to apply for permission to build from the municipality. Övertorneå municipality offers free building plots for people living in the municipality.


Refuse collection
If you live in a house, you need to inform the municipality and sign up for refuse collection. If you live in a flat, your landlord or building society organizes this. Depending on where you live, you need to sort your own trash for recycling. Many of the things we throw away can actually be recycled and turned into new products or fuel for cars and buses. 


Civil marriage
The ceremony is conducted by a wedding officiant appointed by the County Administrative Board and serving Övertorneå Municipality. As of 1 May 2009 The Marriage Code and other statutes involving spouses have been made gender-neutral. In order for the marriage to be legal, two witnesses aged 18 years or over must be present during the ceremony. The couple to be married is responsible for ensuring witnesses are present. Witnesses must understand the ceremony, even if they are unfamiliar with the Swedish language.

Information on which forms that is needed before booking the ceremony can be found on the Swedish tax agency website.

Civil ceremonies are conducted free of charge in Övertorneå Municipality. To book a wedding officiant, please contact Övertorneå municipality at +46 (0)927 – 720 00.

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